Saturday, August 26, 2006

So you want to setup a Web Server PART 4

So you say you found you public ip address and you put it in your browser yet you cannot access your website. Well if you have a router then maybe you just need to point your router to the proper location. You have to look at your router as traffic signal that directs many lanes of traffic. If you don't tell your router what it is supposed to do with certain traffic coming then they will get an infinite red light. Your job is to set up the green lights. That is what this next tutorial should help you set up.

Setting up port forwarding on your router to allow external access
  1. So you probably already have your public ip address and you can access your website internally, but you still cannot access the website externally for some reason. This is probably due to the router not allowing external access. Which is exactly what it was meant to do, but we now want to allow certain restricted access to allow access to the web server.
  2. Now setting this up is going to be different on different routers seeing as each brand is different, but I will speak in as general terms as I can so most of you will be able to access this information and get the job done.
  3. What you will need to do first is access your router's configuration page. This is normally done by typing the ip address of the router in the Internet Browser address bar.
  4. Once you have successfully opened up that page, locating the section that allows port forwarding is going to be the most difficult part of this exercise. Each manufacturer and firmware has a different location and a differnet way of labeling it. Here are a few suggestions: First check the instructions that came with your router they will probably tell you. If that does not work look at the manufacturer's website. If that does not illicit any help you can always do a Google search.
  5. I would say that on most routers it would be under advanced, virtual servers, port settings, or port forwarding. If none of those show up just click on each of the options until you see a screen that has information discussing “inbound ports”, “destination, local, or private ports”. There will also be options to enter port values and probably a type of port as well.
  6. Once you have located this screen you will need to enter the following information.
  7. Enter a description for the port such as “Web server”.
  8. Next enter “inbound port” that you will be using to allow external access. This most normally is 80 for web servers. If you need to enter a range just enter 80 in both blanks.
  9. Next you want to choose a Type that is an option just choose TCP.
  10. For the “outbound, private, or destination port” you will put the same information you did for step 8.
  11. Now it will ask what private ip address you want to forward this port information to. This will be the DHCP assigned ip address of the computer running the web server.
  12. To find this information go to START->RUN and type CMD.
  13. This will bring up a command prompt. Go ahead and type “ipconfig”. You should see a line that reads “IP Address”. It should probably be something similar to the ip address to your router.
  14. Now take this ip address and put it in the field we discussed in step 11.
  15. Now there should also be check box or the option to enable this rule. Go ahead and click enable.
  16. Next click Apply to have this rule applied to your router.
  17. Now if you try to type your public ip address in your browser as follows you should be able to access your website: “http://123.456.789.10/
  18. If you still cannot access your webpage here a couple items you want to check.
  19. Can you still access your website locally by typing http://localhost/ in the web browser?
  20. Is your web server running?
  21. Did you apply the settings?
  22. You might have to reboot your router in order for the changes to take affect.
  23. If none of these items help you will probably have to contact your manufacturer for further guidance.


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