Saturday, August 26, 2006

So you want to setup a Web Server PART 3

So now that you have a fully functional webserver and secured the database what is next. Well so far you probably can only access the webserver locally, but what good is that? You already know how good of a site you have created. You want to show the world what coolness you just created, but how do you do that. Oh well that is easy, you need to find you address.

Now I don't mean you street address, but your IP address and the ip address that your router gives you does not count either. You need to find out what your public ip address is. By finding this information you can allow other users on the internet to see what you have spent so many hours working on. So here are a couple of steps to help you find that information and test it out.

How to find your public ip address
  1. Why am I going to need to know this information? Well if you want to access your website from outside your local network then you are going to need it.
  2. So how do I find it can I just use “ipconfig”? Well no because that will only give you the DHCP assigned address that your router has given you.
  3. What is a router??????? Well if you have to ask that question you probably don’t want to setup a web server to begin with and you probably like spyware, adware, and viruses as well. Do yourself a favor and get some kind of router it will save you sooooo many headaches in the long and short run.
  4. Anyway back to business how to find your ip address. There are 2 ways that you can easily find your ip address. First is by accessing your router by typing its ip address in your web browser. You can find your router's ip address in the instruction guide that came with it or you can look on the manufactures website.
  5. On your router's homepage you should see something that says something like “public ip address” or “WAN ip”. This is your public ip address on the internet. It is like your home address everyone has one and every one is unique.
  6. Now I will show you the second way to find your ip address and in the same instant verify that you found the correct ip address from step 5.
  7. By going to the internet and searching for something like “what is my ip address” will probably bring up at least a couple of sites that can tell you your public ip address. I am going to save you the trouble and give you an example site:
  8. Once you access this site in big bold letters you will find out what your public ip address is. Now if you compare this to what you found in step 5 you are golden. If not go back to your router’s main page and search for this ip address and write down what your router calls it so you can locate it in the future.
  9. Next take the ip address that you found in Step 5 or step 8 and type it in your browser. It should look something like "http://123.456.789.10". If you have the correct ip address and your webserver running you should come up with the default homepage of your webserver. For Xampp this would "XAMPP for WINDOWS".
  10. Now there are some cases where this will not work. One of them being the router preventing you from accessing the port that the webserver runs on.
  11. In the next tutorial I will show you how to forward a port on your router so you can get to the proper port on your webserver. Until then have fun.


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