Saturday, July 08, 2006

What's next

What do you think will happen in the next 100 years? Do you think the world has what it takes to stick around for another 100 years? This is the answer posted by Stephen Hawking. Below is what I wrote to answer his question.

"How will human race sustain? Just like it has throughout its entire short existence, perseverance and preservation. I don't think the world is nearly as chaotic as we are led to believe. I believe there have been many instances through out history that could be considered much more chaotic that we were able to some how find our way through for better or worse (multiple world wars, plagues, missile crisis, dark ages to name but a few). Each time we as a people encounter these obstacles were have overcame them and grown stronger (maybe).

Now I know the old adage about those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it and that is what the world needs to continue to learn from, our history. We have seen multiple problems appear before and we have always found a way, but we always have to learn from our ancestors. Otherwise like a child who does not learn the first time he burns himself, we will continued to hurt ourselves until the scar will not heal.

Some people believe we are coming to a crossroads in our civilization. A time that we can either make the right decisions and ascend to something greater or misstep and fall into the stygian abyss. I don't believe in such dire thoughts, but there are definitely areas that we could really use some improvement such as relations with other societies, the environment, and ourselves.

So through all this I still have not really answered the question how will the world survive. What will it take for us to guarantee longevity in the coming years? I would like to answer that question, but I don't think I have enough time to even come to a close conclusion, at least not in this limited format. But I can think of a couple of general ideas that could help.

First we have to work on relations with each other, this is definitely the hardest. As the population on earth increases the space for the individual shrinks. This pushes more people closer together, people with a multitude of varying viewpoints, cultures, habits, etc. Although differences make life interesting it also causes many issues to arise. The more diverse the group is the more people don't see eye to eye. The more people don't get along leads to tension, arguments, feuds, wars, genocide. Although it would be nice to treat your neighbor as you would like to be treated (a golden rule) this maybe too romantic an idea. Although we only have one blue marble to live on so like my parents used to say "you two better get along before I get up there".

This leads me to expand on the topic of population and space. Space can mean on earth it could also mean outer space as well. There is always the fear that something catastrophic could happen to earth and wipe it out, no more earth no more human race. Game over. If we were to populate the stars so to speak it would give us more of an advantage. For instance the more lottery tickets you buy the greater chance you have of winning(yeah right), so the more planets we inhabit the better chance we have of continuing on if something dreadful did happen. Most people would think exploring is good enough, which it might, but there are limitations such as speed, time, fuel, and environment. We could create besides exploring slowly is send out samples of our DNA throughout the galaxy in the hopes that it might land on another hospitably planet and flourish (not such an outlandish idea or is it). It would be similar to shooting blind, but even when shooting blind with enough bullets you are eventually going to hit something.

Besides just the getting along with each other, and lets say the earth is the only place we ever get to maybe we should treat the place a little better. I mean this is the place where we live. We only have one earth maybe we should think about picking up after ourselves, cleaning our rooms, planting a garden, or even cleaning the fish tank. What I am talking about is not locally, but globally. By picking up after ourselves I am talking about recycling not only cans, but everything cars, ships, everything. By cleaning our rooms I am talking fossil fuel, nuclear, man made pollutants that we continue to churn out at a record pace. By planting a garden I am talking about our forests that we have to clear due the worlds excess and population growth. Probably the most important of all is that of the ocean it is simply the most important thing we have on this earth. Without it we have no life sustaining water and without it we would suffocate since a majority of all our oxygen is created in the ocean and not forested areas.

These are, but a few fast and furious ideas. These are but the tip of the iceberg and if you know icebergs that is just a small fraction of the big picture. I hope that the world does continue on for many more millennia not only for my generation, but those generations that will live on after I am gone. "

So what do you think is going to happen in the next 100 years?


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