Sunday, July 23, 2006

The great Link List part 1

Here is a list of links that might be interesting that I collected this week. Take a look see what you think.

Computer related related (High Geek Rating): - This is a list of example database models. This is useful if you are stuck when trying to come up with the databas model. - This site is a step by step tutorial on CSS.,1759,1989490,00.asp?kc=DSRSS04029TX1K0000651 - This talks about IronPython which is the melding of Python with the .NET framework. - This site lists 71 CSS Menu tabs. Nice if you are trying to come up with a way to spruce up your website with CSS. - This is a link to a 10 week free online course dealing with progamming using the AJAX method.

Compute related (Moderate Geek Raing): - This is a nice little site for creating websites both personal and professional. The personal website creation and hosting is free. - This site has some "premium" (ie pay) and free templates that you can use to create a website. - This is a nice article on how to get free tools and resources for your website. - This is a list of 10 pieces of free software that could help make life with Windows easier.

Computer related (Mild Geek Rating): - This is one of the largest collections of free fonts I have found on the web. Take a look. - This is a handy tool if you want to be able to display both folder and file size in Windows Explorer.


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